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5 stars

Dr. Lois is extremely patient and professional. I generally dread my dental appointments, but after seeing Dr. Lois, I feel very comfortable.
I had two fillings to do and was scared of pain involved in the procedure. She eased me into it with some smooth jazz and distracted me while she numbed my gums. I hardly realized how time flew and before I knew it, I was on my way out with a smile on my face. I have had two appointments for cleaning before this, and those went pretty smooth too. She generally doesn't do the cleanings herself (she did my first though), but I remember her hygienists being quite good.I highly recommend Dr. Lois to anyone who wants a pain-free and gentle treatment.

- Sam D.
5 stars

I have been a patient of Dr. Wilson for more than a decade and she is the best dentist with whom I have ever been affiliated: consummately professional, extremely knowledgeable; and selflessly dedicated. During our long association, she has cured me of gingivitis and other gum and tooth infections; made dental appliances to minimize damage to my crowns; installed an implant; and repaired a half dozen instances of broken crowns. In the latter instance, when I inadvertently broke a crown or damaged a veneer, she would immediately adjust her schedule to accommodate my dental emergency, regardless as to the personal sacrifice involved. As a doctor she was patient with me; listened well; accommodated my busy schedule; and charged very reasonable prices for world class dental services. In every instance in which we interacted, I was completely satisfied with the outcome. If I had to describe Dr. Wilson as a person in a single word, that word would be, "class". If I had to describe her professional skills in a phrase, that phrase would be , "She's a dentist's dentist". Dr. Wilson is a GREAT dentist and has my highest recommendation.

- Robert N.
5 stars

Lois Wilson was my dentist before I moved away, and she is amazing. She is extremely professional, and her work is so good, I can't tell which teeth she has worked on (and neither can my new dentist!).

My teeth are generally pretty healthy, but I went to Dr. Wilson's office for cleanings, she did two fillings for me, a composite bonding on one of my front teeth, and an in-office whitening. She generally doesn't do the cleanings herself, but I remember her hygienists being quite good, and not too rough.

My new dentist even gave her work high compliments, because they had a hard time figuring out which teeth she had worked on. They said that my prior dentist did a VERY good job color matching my teeth.

- Jason G.
5 stars

Dr. Wilson is Simply THE BEST! Whatever dentist you have now, walk away politely and RUN to this phenomenal, professional, exceptional dentist. She has the calmest and warmest personality that if you have any anxieties about going, she makes them vanish instantly, yes, SHE IS THAT SPECTACULAR.

- Kristin R.
5 stars

Dr. Wilson is an incredible dentist! Her communication and dedication to educating patients goes above the bar! Her dentistry is incredible, she takes the time to listen to her patients and she strives to give the best in patient care. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Wilson for all your dental needs!

- Angie B.
5 stars

I happen to know the senior dentist named Dr Lois Wilson to be a wonderful person and passionate member of Rotary International through her local club in McLean, Virginia USA.

- Harry N.
5 stars

Dr.Wilson is a very dedicated and professional dentist. She’s meticulous not with just your teeth and how it should look good but your dental health in general. Definitely would recommend!

- Amy L.
5 stars

Very hygienic, they schedule patients far apart so I don't have to share the space with another patient. The staff is informative and friendly, Lois herself is very easy to talk to and she's very experienced. Minimal pain/ discomfort with the treatment. Def would recommend!

- Din
5 stars

Dr. Lois Wilson is dedicated to ensuring my comfort and excellent dental care. For years I had been brushing and flossing the wrong way. She took time to teach me good habits that are already making a big difference in my oral health. I'm also very impressed with her community service. She truly believes in giving back and helping others.

- Scott M.
5 stars

Dr. Wilson is great! I have a lot of anxiety about dentist/medical appointments and she is always very accommodating and pleasant. Haven't had any problems or pain at any visits, she's made it much easier for me to feel comfortable scheduling appointments for the future. Highly recommend!

- Lauren

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